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50 ml

Nourishing Day Cream

Adapted to all skin types, this product presentes the particularity to continually hydrate and nourish the skin all day long. It also contains actives that protect the skin against free radicals encountered during the day. Thus, this cream is very well adapted to the needs and to the metabolism of the skin during the day. The skin thus maintains its hydratation, its elasticity, its tony and youth.

50 ml

Nutri-Protection Night Cream

This product is specifically designed for the skin needs and metabolism during the night. It brings the nutriments essential to the skin cells renewal, and protects the skin against night and free radicals. In the morning, the skin is visibly brightly regenerated

50 ml

Anti-Wrinkle Cream With Essential Oils

This product hydrates and nourishes the skin deeply, it stimulates skin cells regeneration, and protectes against UV rays and free radicals. It is all those synergic actions that provide this product its anti age effect, delaying the apparition of wrinkles and attenuates those already present.

100 ml

Face Cream - Ravensara

The ADP cream (Anti Depressing cream) regenerates and heals the skin.

It also combates against skin slackening. An uplift effect is observed, and the skin recovers its tonicity, firmness and brightness.

20 ml

Extreme Anti-Age Serum

This virgin oil and essential oil concentrate deeply hydrates, nourishes, and regenerates the skin, protects it against UV rays and free radicals. It is all those synergic actions that together effectively delay signs of ageing.

100 ml

Matifying And Hydrating Day Cream - Jojoba Patchouli

This day cream, specifically designed for oily skin types, purifies and matifies them.

It provides a non-clogging, oil-free, fresh and matifying effect.

Its texture is easily absorbed, and well indicated for warm seasons.

It leaves the skin clean, supple and hydrated with a matte complexion