Our products Slimming

320 g + 25 ml

Body Scrub

This product exfoliates and eliminates impurities on the epidermis surface. It softens the skin and optimizes the penetration of any bodycare products. The use of this body scrub is thus well advised before any slimming treatment.

115 g

Slimming Soap

50 ml - 100 ml

Slimming Massage Oil

Thanks to all its active principles, this massage oil stimulates the circulation, limits water retention, and burn fats. Moreover, it ameliorates the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

100 ml

Anti-Cellulite Oil with Essential Oils

100 ml

Slimming Cream - Cinnamon Cypress Geranium

This slimming cream contains active principles that stimulate circulation, limit water retention and burn fatty tissues. This cream thus exhibits an Anti cellulite action, and it visibly thins the bodyshape. In addition, it contributes to the firmness of the skin.

50 ml - 100 ml

Firming Cryogel

Due to its peppermint content, this cryogel intensely firms the skin which is thus lifted.